Clothing for overweight girls 2019

Any woman, no matter what her nationality, age and complexion, seeks to look attractive. And common sense and knowledge of fashion trends help her in this. How to choose clothes for full girls, and what are the modern fashion trends? We will try to find out this question.
In order to look irresistible and not worry about how one or another outfit is sitting on you, it is enough to adhere to the following simple rules when choosing clothes:

  1. Clothing should be the right size for you, no more, no less. This is very important, since the small size of the clothes will emphasize the problem areas of your body and add extra volume. Large clothes will hang and turn you into a shapeless bag;
  2. Do not chase the latest trends. To look perfect, just wear what suits you;
  3. Wisely approach the choice of color. Do not deprive yourself of the opportunity to wear bright clothes. However, in everything it is worth knowing the measure;
  4. For full girls it can be quite difficult to pick up fashionable knitted things, as they round the figure and add volume. It is better to combine knitwear with clothes of simple style and material;
  5. Beware of shapeless and baggy silhouettes. They will “weight” your image and add volume;
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Blouses and tops for full girls

When choosing a blouse, give preference to models made of good, high-quality materials with a smooth texture. Avoid options with numerous ruffles, ruffles, and also with volume drapery. Solid blouses are the best option. However, a fashionable floral print is also acceptable for most women, regardless of physique. If you like striped blouses, try to choose a model in a vertical strip, or in a strip that converges to the waist. This visually slenders the figure and makes it more feminine. Blouses combine well with fitted blazers and cardigans.

If you are the owner of a thin waist, you can emphasize it by supplementing the image with a belt. The main thing is that he fits perfectly on the waist and does not sag.
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